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AAI launches new website.

AAI Engineering began as a structural engineering firm and although our services have greatly expanded over the years, new building design is still core to AAI. From schematic design through construction administration, we focus on providing the best solutions with respect to budgets and schedules. AAI engineers take pride in producing creative, structurally efficient designs. Our design experience includes all major construction types, including steel, concrete, masonry, wood, and light gauge steel for a wide variety of building occupancies.

Preservation of historical structures, a respect for buildings that represent a sense of community, and reuse of existing structures are key concerns for AAI. We have participated in the renovation of many structures, some on the National Register of Historic Structures. For change of occupancy, seismic upgrades, additions, modifications, and due diligence evaluations, we have personnel that combine structural expertise and architectural sensitivity.

Construction is complex and inherently challenging. As public safety is fundamental to structural engineering, maintaining a safe and stable construction environment is a primary function for AAI Engineering. AAI engineers offer design experience in shoring, reshoring, bracing, material transport, fall protection, and general temporary structure services to the construction industry.

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Offered as a stand-alone service, or in conjunction with other services, AAI Engineering provides exceptional support to the construction industry. Our engineers take pride in their responsiveness and adaptability. As structural engineers with a broad depth of building experience, we design solutions to problems encountered in the field that consider economy, performance, safety and constructability.

A building's exterior must be capable of withstanding various internal and external forces which must be properly supported and transferred to the main structure. AAI Engineers are experienced in the design of exterior cladding systems and we understand the importance of coordination between the architect, building envelope engineer, contractor and the engineer-of-record. Component design includes items such as storage systems, railings, equipment anchorage, ceiling bracing, safety/fall protection, and construction staging platforms. AAI offers project specific evaluations and recommendations for the development of new products.

Once a building shell is constructed, new tenants frequently need to customize the space for their occupation. AAI provides a broad range of structural capabilities to support this finish work. Some of these services include: analysis of existing structure to support new loads, design of reinforcements to existing structures, design of partitions, soffits, parapets or other architectural enhancements, suspended ceilings, screenwalls, and the design of anchorage systems.

AAI engineers particularly enjoy the opportunity to step outside our normal realm of building design by participating in a wide variety of art installation projects. We have been involved in over 30 public installations, in which we are primarily responsible for the design of the fastening and anchoring systems.

The creation of safe structures for the public is of paramount importance to the structural engineering industry. To achieve this goal, some structural engineering firms provide peer review services for fellow engineers. AAI supplies, and participates in, this industry practice. We view this activity as a cooperative service that helps to assure that our profession adheres to the highest industry standards. 

When building development periods are at their peak levels, there may be a shortage of publicly employed plan reviewers. A particularly complex structure may require specialized analysis techniques to evaluate the design. To assist in these conditions, AAI Engineering offers plan review services to local jurisdictions.

AAI engineers have served as disaster response specialists, investigative engineers, expert witnesses, and have provided litigation support to owners, contractors, and architects. Our services in this area are dedicated to the objective determination of the root causes of failure and the communication of the details in a clear and concise manner.

Frequently, a great deal of information is required before a determination can be made whether to purchase, renovate, or condemn a property. AAI Engineering can assist in the procurement of this valuable information through structural observations, as-built documentation, seismic evaluations, (including FEMA compliant reports), specialized dynamic analyses in high-risk sites, and risk assessments that systematically prioritize structural deficiencies and/or hazards. These services are specifically tailored to individual projects and may be as brief as a walk-through followed by a professional opinion letter, or as complex as a state-of-the-art three-dimensional dynamic model.

Explore our projects by using the Product Category menu below. Or, see our complete list of projects on our Projects page.

Our structural engineering services focus on the design of low to mid-rise buildings for commercial, industrial, residential, educational and public facilities. Our design expertise includes structural steel, traditionally reinforced and post-tensioned concrete, composite, masonry, timber, light gauge steel and aluminum design.

New Building Design
Building Preservation/Renovations & Retrofits
Construction Engineering
Construction Administration
Building Cladding & Non-Structural Component Design
Tenant Improvements
Art Installations
Peer/Plan Review
Forensic Structural Investigations & Expert Witness Representation
Feasibility Studies/Specialized Dynamic Analyses/Risk Assessments

Identifying the environmental and regulatory constraints that exist on a site before acquiring the property, or investing in detailed development plans, can save the client substantial time and money.

AAI Engineering combines common sense, effective construction documents, and good design principles with our planning and analysis expertise to meet various aspects of the client's needs from project inception through completion. Our staff is up to date on trends in the constantly changing regulatory and environmental compliance field. Our goal is to ensure that all projects meet the budgeting, planning and permitting requirements unique to each development.